Concrete system pontoon

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Product Features:

No.1 Marine quality and site-specific engineering delivers proven  durability and low maintenance to strong, rugged, durable. Wave resistance, offers protection to boats and stability to user salt and fresh water resistenat. Submersion of floats actualy increases durability environmentally friendly, non polluting.

The significant point of no.1 marine concrete pontoon is the unique structure of pontoon. It comprises expanded polystyrene(15kg/m3) in internal body, and exsternal body is an unitary steel, the are concret interval pal presetting hydroelectric pipe line and each conector among pontoons to arrange water pipe and cable unifromly which is convenient to pipeline installaition and provide perfect drinking water system and power  supply system to dock. Absorbing water up to a maximum of 5% by volume. Posses characteristic of great safety and stability, thanks to a series of special technology.



Product name Length Width Freeboard(mm) Live load(KN/m2) Lifespan(year)
Concrete potoon 8 2.5 500-600 2.5-5.0 50
12 2.5 500-600 2.5-5.0 50
8 3.0 550-650 3.0-6.0 50
12 3.0 550-650 3.0-6.0 50
16 3.0 550-700 3.5-6.5 50
20 3.0 550-700 3.5-6.5 50


Product Photos:

concrete system potoon dermaga alumina Concrete system pontoon dermaga alumina